Featuring Melvin Slade Music Mix and Bishop Henry Hearns

Beverly Crawford, Jam and Lewis, Byron Cage and more of your favorite gospel artists sing out the praises of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  A soulful gospel mix to lift your spirit and give you joy.  Bishop Henry Hearns, Pastor Emeritus at the Living Stone Cathedral of Worship teaches on the mystery of life. John 10:10.   Click on the media player above to hear the gospel music mix and the Bishop’s lesson on the mystery of life.

(The Rib Rack BBQ)

Bishop Henry Hearns

Sermon: This Thing Called Life


Living Stone Cathedral of Worship

Sr. Pastor Rodney Rivers

37721 N. 100th Street East

P.O. Box 194

Sun Village, CA 93543


P- 661-944-4128



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Psalm: 95:1 Come let us sing for joy to the Lord.  Let us sing out loud to the Rock of Our Salvation. 



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