Feat. Melvin Slade’s Gospel & Alenna Schofield’s Voices of Reason In the Valley with Bishop Henry Hearns

Soulful Gospel music from Hezekiah Walker, Koryn Hawthorn, Bill Lomax and more of today’s chart breaking Gospel Music Artist. Allena Schofield interviews Bishop Henry Hearns for Black History Month.

Yes, it’s alright to dance in the Spirit and call out His name.  Don’t forget to listen on your phone every Sunday, 7 am to 9 am on KRAJ 100.9 FM  www.theheat1009.com.

Eph 5:19 We shall communicate the gospel through song, hymns and spiritual things, making melody in our hearts unto the Lord.  Come worship the Lord with us.

Melvin Slade

Host, Producer, Minister of the Soulful Witness of Christ

Alenna Schofield, Host

Voices of Reason in the Valley

Click to Listen: Interview with Bishop Henry Hearns

Alenna Schofield interviews Presidential candidate for the Lancaster NAAACP. Mr. Alonzo Braggs.

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This Weeks New Soulful Gospel Music Spotlight

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