Melvin Slade’s Gospel Music & Ps. Ralph Parrott

This Weeks New Gospel Music Spotlight !!!

This Weeks New Gospel Music Spotlight
Bill Lomax, Jokia and David Walker & High Praise

Black Gospel Music and the Word of God. Come Worship with us!  BeBe Winans, John P. Kee, Beverly Crawford and more of your favorite gospel artist.   Pastor Ralph Parrott of Empowered Church International of Lancaster presents a special message on sticking to God’s plan for your life.

Pastor Ralph Parrott

Sermon: Stick To The Plan

Kraj 100.9 FM Sunday 7AM to 9AM 

Listen live on Sunday Mornings

Psalms 95:1

Come Let us sing for joy to the Lord: Let us shout out loud to the Rock of our Salvation.

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